Spring Inspiration

Spring Inspiration


It’s Spring Break for us! Enjoy some Spring Inspiration!

Spring Cleaning Inspiration

  • About 30 minutes of How Jenn Does It is all I need to motivate me to clean anything or everything in my house.  Since just about anything or everything in my house needs cleaning that works out well for us.

Productivity Inspiration

Garden Inspiration

Hug Your Kids Inspiration

Spring Recipe Inspiration

Cookie Inspiration

Green Smoothie Inspiration

Spring Break Reading Inspiration (amazon affiliate links)

  • Somewhere I read that Maisie Dobbs was the perfect antidote to those of us in mourning over the end of Downton Abbey.  I wish I could remember where I saw that because they were correct.  This mystery series is stylish, smart, and fun to read.  Love it!
  • My husband loves Erik Larson and so I gave Dead Wake a try.  I stayed up until 2AM one night reading it because the Lusitania was going down and I couldn’t sleep until I knew who made it.  It’s Spring Break – I can stay up until 2AM if I want to!

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