Can this school year be different?

I’ve been there. The pit in your stomach.  The one that says the school year is here, and I’m anxious. Why? Because, to be perfectly honest, my children aren’t the best students.  For moms with kids who aren’t good at doing school, the school year means stressful schedules, […]

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Ditch the Schedule and Have a Routine


I’m a shrew when we are running late and off schedule. I snap orders, my kids get stressed, and we all end up a bickering mess. Not very pleasant, I know. My dog, however, doesn’t have these issues. When we are running late and rushing around like maniacs, […]

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Summer Reading Unfinished?

There is something nagging at you.  It’s lurking there under the happy relaxation of summer pool time.  What is that nagging feeling all about?!?!?!  Oh! Ugh!  It’s your kids’ summer reading assignments.  Your kids haven’t finished their summer reading yet. In fact, you are pretty sure the books […]

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Be Your Child’s Tutor and End Homework Drama

Child's tutor

Our kids are under a lot of pressure in school.  Much more pressure than we ever were.  You might be surprised to know that part of the pressure our kids feel is the number of their classmates who have a tutor in one or more subjects at school. Consider […]

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