3 Homework Hacks to Better Grades for Our Kids

Homework hacks

Please don’t tell my daughter, but I do think she has it kinda tough. Not like working-in-a-salt-mine tough or climbing-Mt. Everest tough, but your-mother-is-the-school-librarian plus she-writes-a blog-about-raising-capable-students tough. I know what it takes for a student to get excellent grades at school. For me, knowing what is needed […]

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4 Ways to Help Your Kids Read (and enjoy) Books

kids reading

I love seeing my kids reading a book. The best is when it just happens, but usually it doesn’t just happen. Usually it requires some effort on my part, and getting them to choose a book, and then read it can be a battle. They are busy, they […]

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The School Project Survival Guide

School Project

I have four kids. As you can imagine, I have a LOT of experience with school projects, and let me tell you, it isn’t all good. School projects and I have a checkered past. The all time low was the year my second grader had a school project […]

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How to Help Our Messy Kids

Messy Kids

You know that kid who has a messy room, backpack, locker? Who loses important papers, books, sports equipment? Who could have straight A’s…if only they remembered to turn in assignments, to bring home their homework, to use their planner?!?!?!? I have two of those kids.  Having a messy […]

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Smart vs The Report Card

School Report Card

My daughter came home with her school report card and announced that she is “smart”. Now, you might think I would count that as a victory, but I didn’t because I never let her brothers get away with the opposite – which is that a bad report card […]

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5 Reasons to Use a Timer for Homework


The timer in my kitchen has seen a lot of living.   It has timed to perfection a lot of great meals, of course, but its real use is to motivate my kids and me to get moving and stay focused. We play beat the clock a lot – 5 minutes […]

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Keep Calm and Look at the Test

Bad test grade

Patience is a virtue, and sadly for my children, not one of the virtues I’ve been blessed with. They have gotten really good over the years at figuring out what my triggers are and then avoiding them. The one thing they cannot avoid, though, is having to turn […]

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It Doesn’t Have to Stay on the Screen

Digital School

This year my 7th grade daughter has e-textbooks, Google classrooms, and digital notebooks. This is the year that she learns to manage her schoolwork in the digital world. She’s thrilled, but I see a year fraught with learning peril. You can’t blame me; it seems that every time […]

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The Right Way to Stay Home Sick From School

Stay Home Sick From School

Working in a middle school is roughly the equivalent of smearing the contents of a virulent petri dish all over your desk every day. Teachers can take it. We have immune systems that should be studied by the Department of Defense when they are figuring out how we […]

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How to Beat the Sunday Night Blues

Sunday Night

When my oldest son was in 6th grade, he came to me one Sunday afternoon and said he felt nervous, but he didn’t know why. I knew why, but I was shocked that he was feeling the Sunday night blues at his age. Eleven years old seemed too […]

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