3 Things Your Child Should Do This Weekend

Weekend Plan

If I had my way, all school planning calendars would begin on Saturday and end on Friday.   So many school planners omit the weekend entirely which sends the exactly wrong message to your child. When it comes to academic success, Saturday and Sunday are the two most […]

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Relax and Enjoy Family Dinner

family dinner

Do we have to eat at the table tonight? I was hearing this question more and more and it was starting to bother me. Of course we had to eat at the table. Sometimes we ate sitting around the TV but that was usually because of a big […]

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The Consequences of Consequences

It’s time to change the rhetoric and to stop taking ourselves so seriously. If we don’t, we run the risk of raising children who become so risk adverse they won’t ever innovate or experiment or grow. I’m talking about the use of the word consequences.  The natural-consequences-of-their-actions always sounded scary […]

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That test might not be as bad as you think!

So, what happens when one of my children comes home with a disappointing grade?  First they get a hug, some understanding, and then we look at the test.  Just a few weeks ago, I helped my 6th grade daughter study for her science test.  She went to school […]

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Begin By Decluttering The Backpack


This is the time of year when reality sets in. The first test grades, missing homework, due dates looming, and you are wondering if you allowed/encouraged your child to do too many after school activities.  Stress is mounting and anxiety is taking over.  Just what you were hoping to […]

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Why I Made The Capable Student

When it came to my kids’ grades, I’m embarrassed to admit that I was a nagging mom…and a yelling mom…and a bribing mom…and a threatening, disappointed, frustrated mom.  I was sometimes even an ecstatic mom, and these different versions of me could materialize all in the same week, […]

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A Good Homework Routine

A good homework routine

During our first 12 years of marriage, my husband and I moved six times. I got good at the logistics of moving, but even so, I found it exhausting. The exhaustion came not so much from the work of moving, but from the amount of thought and decision […]

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Can this school year be different?

I’ve been there. The pit in your stomach.  The one that says the school year is here, and I’m anxious. Why? Because, to be perfectly honest, my children aren’t the best students.  For moms with kids who aren’t good at doing school, the school year means stressful schedules, […]

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Ditch the Schedule and Have a Routine


I’m a shrew when we are running late and off schedule. I snap orders, my kids get stressed, and we all end up a bickering mess. Not very pleasant, I know. My dog, however, doesn’t have these issues. When we are running late and rushing around like maniacs, […]

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Summer Reading Unfinished?

There is something nagging at you.  It’s lurking there under the happy relaxation of summer pool time.  What is that nagging feeling all about?!?!?!  Oh! Ugh!  It’s your kids’ summer reading assignments.  Your kids haven’t finished their summer reading yet. In fact, you are pretty sure the books […]

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