My Son Hates School, but He is Going to Make It

Son Hates School

When my middle son was in the 4th grade, he came home from school with a note for me from his teacher. The note was a request for an immediate conference to discuss the fact that my son had turned in no classwork during the 3rd marking period. […]

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Life Lessons from the Supreme Court Justices

Supreme Court

My oldest son will be going to law school next year, and I’m thrilled. It has been a dream of his since the 8th grade when his civics class performed a mock trial. For Chris, there was nothing “mock” about it. For that assignment, he actually did his […]

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The Best Part of Feeling Lousy

Feeling Lousy

The best part of feeling lousy for about three straight weeks is that I got to lie around and read a lot. The bad part of feeling lousy for about three straight weeks is that I still had to show up for a lot of stuff I didn’t […]

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Go Ahead and Change Schools

Change Schools

When my oldest son was 10 years old, he attended an over-crowded school that substituted the state testing standards for a curriculum. Recess was not guaranteed, and PE was once a week. It was an oppressive environment, and he came home like a caged animal every day. Then […]

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The Things I Want You to Know When Boys Arrive on the Scene


Boys are on the scene at my house. Not my boys, other peoples’ boys. The kind of boys that 12-year-old girls notice, and talk about, and giggle over. Those kind of boys. I know all about this from the boy side, but this is my first time with […]

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How to Help Our Messy Kids

Messy Kids

You know that kid who has a messy room, backpack, locker? Who loses important papers, books, sports equipment? Who could have straight A’s…if only they remembered to turn in assignments, to bring home their homework, to use their planner?!?!?!? I have two of those kids.  Having a messy […]

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Smart vs The Report Card

School Report Card

My daughter came home with her school report card and announced that she is “smart”. Now, you might think I would count that as a victory, but I didn’t because I never let her brothers get away with the opposite – which is that a bad report card […]

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Friday Round Up

Friday Round Up

Happy Friday, dear friends! Today I have a Friday round up of what I’ve found inspiring, infuriating, and fun on the web this week. I hope you enjoy reading and relaxing this weekend! Apparently, our kids do follow rules when it comes to their social media accounts – […]

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Help Your Kids to Read More Books

Kids read books

I do not read enough books, and my kids do not read enough books. I’ve had that nagging thought forever – like basically since my kids were born, but now it’s more than a nag it’s a conviction. In December, I attended a reading workshop that was inspirational […]

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How to Get a (Sorta) Clean House

Cleaning house

This post is from last year, but it bears repeating. This fun system makes cleaning the house painless and fun every single time. Now I just have to remind my kids… Let’s face it.  The house has to be cleaned – even though we are on break, even though […]

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