Friday Round Up

Friday Round Up

Happy Friday, dear friends! Today I have a Friday round up of what I’ve found inspiring, infuriating, and fun on the web this week. I hope you enjoy reading and relaxing this weekend!

Apparently, our kids do follow rules when it comes to their social media accounts – they just aren’t rules we are aware of. This is an interesting read for those of us who obsess about our kids and social media.

This is a great read for those of us who really obsess over our kids and social media.

I know it’s January, and I should be making resolutions that look healthy to improve my life…but King Arthur Flour has a very nice cake of the year, and it would be a shame not to try my hand at it…

Publisher, Publisher, Publisher. That is the most crucial step in spotting fake news, and if readers had taken a two-second look at the about page of this website they could have avoided a mind-boggling 6 million shares of a fake news story.

When I read stories like the one above, I stress out…and I’m a stress eater…so these are now required.

Thinking about beautiful homes is always nice. I’d love to see some of these trends come true in my house!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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