3 Homework Hacks to Better Grades for Our Kids

Homework hacks

Please don’t tell my daughter, but I do think she has it kinda tough. Not like working-in-a-salt-mine tough or climbing-Mt. Everest tough, but your-mother-is-the-school-librarian plus she-writes-a blog-about-raising-capable-students tough. I know what it takes for a student to get excellent grades at school. For me, knowing what is needed […]

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How to Help Our Messy Kids

Messy Kids

You know that kid who has a messy room, backpack, locker? Who loses important papers, books, sports equipment? Who could have straight A’s…if only they remembered to turn in assignments, to bring home their homework, to use their planner?!?!?!? I have two of those kids.  Having a messy […]

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The Refreshing Christmas Break Plan

Christmas break

Once our Christmas break finally arrives, we find it is oh-so-tempting to walk in the door, dump the backpacks on the floor, and not think about school again until “next year.” The reality, though, is that next year is only a few weeks away, and if I don’t […]

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5 Reasons to Use a Timer for Homework


The timer in my kitchen has seen a lot of living.   It has timed to perfection a lot of great meals, of course, but its real use is to motivate my kids and me to get moving and stay focused. We play beat the clock a lot – 5 minutes […]

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A Calm, Orderly School Morning

A calm, orderly school morning

Unfortunately, I know what it feels like to drive my kids to school in the morning while still wearing my pajamas. Unfortunately, my kids know what it feels like to have their pajama wearing mother yell at them the entire way to school.   Let’s just say I’m not […]

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How to Beat the Sunday Night Blues

Sunday Night

When my oldest son was in 6th grade, he came to me one Sunday afternoon and said he felt nervous, but he didn’t know why. I knew why, but I was shocked that he was feeling the Sunday night blues at his age. Eleven years old seemed too […]

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Why Your “A” Student Gets “B”s

Why your "A" student gets "B"s

The “A” student who gets “B”s on the report card is a frustration for parents.  I know.  I’ve been there as a parent and as a tutor.  Why do some bright kids bring home report cards that don’t reflect their ability? What can you as a parent do […]

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5 Steps to a Perfect School Night

The perfect school night

I have to admit that there were mornings when I drove my kids to school while I was still wearing my pajamas with me yelling and lecturing at them the entire way there.  They couldn’t get out of the car fast enough.  By the time I got back […]

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3 things to remember in January


Of all the breaks during the school year, the winter holidays are the toughest to return from. It doesn’t have the hope and optimism that the start of school offers or the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel energy surge that Spring Break offers. The first days back in January can be bleak, […]

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It’s Time to Clean the House

TCS-Clean the House

Let’s face it.  The house has to be cleaned – even though we are on break, even though no one feels like it. When I need some serious housecleaning inspiration, I turn to this lady and her 15 minute rule.  I tweak things a bit though to make […]

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