5 Simple Steps To Take The Stress Out Of Sick Days

home sick

When my kids were younger, they loved a day or two when they could stay home sick from school. If they weren’t too sick, a day at home could be fun. It meant blankets on the couch, extra TV time, and yummy chicken soup – who wouldn’t like […]

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It’s Thanksgiving – Let’s Have Some Conversation!

Thanksgiving conversation

When I was a little girl my grandmother lived with us, and one of my favorite activities was to have a cup of tea with her and listen to her stories about when she was a little girl. My other grandma didn’t live with us, but I have […]

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My son, and college, and his ADHD prescription

ADHD Prescription

I am honored to have a blog post shared in the My Parent Journey section of the truly incredible website, Understood.org. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are a resource for those of us with kids who have ADHD and other learning issues. I have learned so much from […]

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The Most Helicopter Mom Moment Ever

Helicopter Mom

A few summers ago when I was at my hair salon getting a haircut, I witnessed the most helicopter mom moment ever, and since I wasn’t up to my blow dry yet, I got to hear every cringe worthy second. I watched a mother accompany her soon-to-be-college freshman son […]

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The Things I Want You to Know When Boys Arrive on the Scene


Boys are on the scene at my house. Not my boys, other peoples’ boys. The kind of boys that 12-year-old girls notice, and talk about, and giggle over. Those kind of boys. I know all about this from the boy side, but this is my first time with […]

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How to Help Our Messy Kids

Messy Kids

You know that kid who has a messy room, backpack, locker? Who loses important papers, books, sports equipment? Who could have straight A’s…if only they remembered to turn in assignments, to bring home their homework, to use their planner?!?!?!? I have two of those kids.  Having a messy […]

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How to Get a (Sorta) Clean House

Clean house

After long winter days of being cooped up in the house, one thing is definitely true – the house needs to be cleaned – even though no one feels like it. When I need some serious housecleaning inspiration, I turn to this lady and her 15 minute rule.  I […]

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Where Are You Applying to College?

College Choice

Don’t ever ask a high school senior (or his mother) where he is applying to college. Just don’t. I’ve been through three senior years, so far, which means that I’ve been asked this question at least a million times. Since I try hard to overcome my lower nature, […]

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I left my kids in carpool…and I’d do it again.

Left kids in carpool

I had been sitting in a hot August afternoon carpool for 27 minutes, watching – watching other moms sitting in carpool, watching the post-practice huddle, watching those other moms’ kids trickling down the sidewalk to waiting cars, watching the clock, watching for my two oldest sons to emerge […]

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