3 Homework Hacks to Better Grades for Our Kids

Homework hacks

Please don’t tell my daughter, but I do think she has it kinda tough. Not like working-in-a-salt-mine tough or climbing-Mt. Everest tough, but your-mother-is-the-school-librarian plus she-writes-a blog-about-raising-capable-students tough. I know what it takes for a student to get excellent grades at school. For me, knowing what is needed […]

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5 Simple Steps To Take The Stress Out Of Sick Days

home sick

When my kids were younger, they loved a day or two when they could stay home sick from school. If they weren’t too sick, a day at home could be fun. It meant blankets on the couch, extra TV time, and yummy chicken soup – who wouldn’t like […]

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4 Ways to Help Your Kids Read (and enjoy) Books

kids reading

I love seeing my kids reading a book. The best is when it just happens, but usually it doesn’t just happen. Usually it requires some effort on my part, and getting them to choose a book, and then read it can be a battle. They are busy, they […]

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Enjoy Every College Acceptance

One morning a student stood at my desk and told me that she had just been accepted to a college. Sadly, she couldn’t have been less enthusiastic. It turned out that she had been accepted to her “safety school”, and that she had no desire to attend that school. […]

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How We Finally Found The Best School For Our Kids

best school

When my oldest son was in the 4th grade, he had a miserable school year. We had just moved to a new state and our new house had been chosen in part due to the excellent reputation of the schools there. I had every expectation that my son […]

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It’s Thanksgiving – Let’s Have Some Conversation!

Thanksgiving conversation

When I was a little girl my grandmother lived with us, and one of my favorite activities was to have a cup of tea with her and listen to her stories about when she was a little girl. My other grandma didn’t live with us, but I have […]

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The School Project Survival Guide

School Project

I have four kids. As you can imagine, I have a LOT of experience with school projects, and let me tell you, it isn’t all good. School projects and I have a checkered past. The all time low was the year my second grader had a school project […]

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Don’t Let the College Cost Keep You from Applying

college cost

When my three older boys were going through the college application process, the question I dreaded the most was, “Where is your son applying to college?” It is a logical question to ask a mom of a high school senior, but my own insecurities made me dread it. […]

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I Might Be Screwing Up With Technology and My Daughter – Or Not

Daughter Technology

I just walked past the den where my 13-year-old daughter was doing her homework, and saw her with her phone in her hands and her iPad open. Ha…caught her goofing off on social media…or so I thought. When I asked her why she had her phone out, she […]

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My son, and college, and his ADHD prescription

ADHD Prescription

I am honored to have a blog post shared in the My Parent Journey section of the truly incredible website, Understood.org. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are a resource for those of us with kids who have ADHD and other learning issues. I have learned so much from […]

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