HS Graduation

An Open Letter to My Son on Why I was Hungover at his Graduation

  Dear Son, I know you were a bit surprised (amused) when I was a bit (a lot) hungover at your high school graduation last week. Now in the clearness of time and coffee I feel the need to explain myself a little. Obviously, I did not intend to attend your high school graduation with… Read more »

The Best Mother Movies for Whatever You Need

The Best Mother Movies

Sometimes we need to up our game in the motherhood department, and when that happens I turn to movies for my inspiration (amazon affiliate links). The aspirational moms. I Remember Mama is a classic black and white film that tells the story of a Norwegian immigrant family at the turn of the (last) century –… Read more »

Stay Home Sick From School

The Right Way to Stay Home Sick From School

Working in a middle school is roughly the equivalent of smearing the contents of a virulent petri dish all over your desk every day. Teachers can take it. We have immune systems that should be studied by the Department of Defense when they are figuring out how we can triumph over biological warfare. Students are… Read more »

Elementary School Years

What I’m Not Going to Miss About the Elementary School Years

My youngest child started middle school this year and turned 12 this week, and I wasn’t the least bit upset. I felt like I was supposed to be sad that the elementary school phase of my life was over, but I was just relieved. For all four of my children, the ages six to eleven… Read more »

College Search

How to Search for a College While Still in Your Pajamas

There was a point in my oldest son’s college search when he was basing his choice on the university’s home football schedule.   He spent the summer before his senior year on YouTube watching college football tradition videos and periodically saying “Hey Mom, this is cool – come watch this.” I did, and I learned there… Read more »

The Long Goodbye

The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler

How did I make it forty-seven years without reading Raymond Chandler?  I asked myself that question about two chapters into The Long Goodbye.  I had read a string of non-fiction books recently (although one of them read like a novel) when I remembered that The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Book Club had highlighted Raymond Chandler’s… Read more »

Timer is homework magic.

How My Timer is Homework Magic

The timer on my microwave has seen a lot of living.   It has timed cooking of course, but its real use is to motivate my kids and me to get moving and stay focused. We play beat the clock a lot – 5 minutes to unload the dishwasher or let’s see if we can fold… Read more »

6th grade daughter had a stellar week

Don’t You Write A Blog About This Stuff?

Last week my 6th grade daughter got her report card, got her standardized test scores back, and registered for next year’s classes. Last week one of us had a stellar week – it wasn’t me. I knew I had completely lost it when my daughter looked at me and said “don’t you write a blog… Read more »

Spring Inspiration

Spring Inspiration

It’s Spring Break for us! Enjoy some Spring Inspiration! Spring Cleaning Inspiration About 30 minutes of How Jenn Does It is all I need to motivate me to clean anything or everything in my house.  Since just about anything or everything in my house needs cleaning that works out well for us. Last spring break we… Read more »

Brooklyn Movies

Brooklyn Movies

I’m glad that Spotlight won the best picture Oscar this year. It deserved it. But I was still sad that Brooklyn didn’t win any of the awards for which it was nominated. It was a beautiful story. My entire family went to see it over Thanksgiving break, and we all loved it. When an 11-year-old… Read more »