My Updated Fall Recipe Rotation

Fall Recipes 2017

A colleague reminded me that we all need to get our recipes in order for the back to school rush. Sigh – denial did not work. Back to school is real and here. Below is my updated recipe rotation for fall 2017, and this is the link to […]

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Books for when Middle School gets Complicated

Books for when Middle School gets complicated

Ernest Hemingway once said, that there is no friend as loyal as a book, and I don’t think there is a stage of life where that is more true than the middle school years. When those middle school friendships get complicated, it’s nice for our girls to know they […]

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My Third HS Graduation, and I’m Still Not an Expert

HS Graduation

My third son is a high school senior, and he is graduating next week. You would think that by my third HS graduation I would be an expert, and in some ways I am. I know how to knot the tassel onto his cap, I know how to lightly […]

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Sometimes I Lose Perspective, but My Kids Love Me Anyway


Last week my daughter got her report card, got her standardized test scores back, and registered for next year’s classes. Last week one of us had a stellar week – it wasn’t me. I knew I had completely lost it when my daughter looked at me and said, “don’t […]

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Do You Know About 13 Reasons Why?

13 Reasons Why

Last week a bright, inquisitive 12-year-old girl stood at my desk and breathlessly told me how she had read 13 Reasons Why over the weekend, and that she loved it, and that she thought it had a powerful message. My heart sank. I asked her about the message […]

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No Takeout Recipes for the Crazy Busy End of the School Year

No takeout recipes

Seven more weeks of school, and our kids think they’re the ones who have it rough. Ha! We’re the ones who have it rough. We’re the ones who still have to cook dinners. The kind of dinners that can be eaten any time between 4pm-9pm. The kind of […]

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It’s Never Too Late…

never too late

When I had three little boys under the age of four, I received the best parenting advice ever.  I had arrived late for my group Bible study and was frazzled, discouraged, and disappointed in myself because my boys and I had gotten our day off to a terrible […]

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My Son Hates School, but He is Going to Make It

Son Hates School

When my middle son was in the 4th grade, he came home from school with a note for me from his teacher. The note was a request for an immediate conference to discuss the fact that my son had turned in no classwork during the 3rd marking period. […]

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Life Lessons from the Supreme Court Justices

Supreme Court

My oldest son will be going to law school next year, and I’m thrilled. It has been a dream of his since the 8th grade when his civics class performed a mock trial. For Chris, there was nothing “mock” about it. For that assignment, he actually did his […]

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The Best Part of Feeling Lousy

Feeling Lousy

The best part of feeling lousy for about three straight weeks is that I got to lie around and read a lot. The bad part of feeling lousy for about three straight weeks is that I still had to show up for a lot of stuff I didn’t […]

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